We have a range of testimonials for all the services we provide. If you would like further references, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Testimonials from parents and children:

“I am amazed by the progress my son has shown since being in the Chatterbox program. He had major issues with speech and communication but within a short period of time it has improved tremendously. The program has truly been a blessing for my family. We now feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s called “Chatterbox”.


“I am delighted with the progress my son has shown in the short time of being in the Chatterbox program. He has, with the assistance of professionals, come out of his shell and shown monumental strides in his speech, ability to interact with others and comprehension. A truly great program.”

Parent of a 3 year old

“Chatterbox has been and continues to be utterly fantastic for all of us as a family – not only has our almost-three year old son improved his communication and play skills massively, but we’ve also been able to access the game-changing Hanen course and a constant stream of ideas, resources, support and encouragement from a top-notch team of caring, imaginative, patient and wise professionals.”


“Within two months my daughter’s communication skills have improved significantly. This has impacted her social skills where she can better communicate with her peers and gain friendships. Since I am unable to be present at all of my daughter’s speech therapy sessions due to work demands, I receive an emailed feedback after each session, that provides a summary that includes what was done, her abilities and activities to do at home to cement or practise what was learnt.”

Marsha, parent of a 5 year old.

“Hi my name is Dylan. I am 11yrs old. I had disfluency when I was younger. It was so hard for me to say snake it would come out as thnake. I also had a stutter. I went to Miss Roz and I tried my hardest for a while and it went away. I know its fun going to Miss Roz, well I know I thought so but after a while I looked from inside and I realised how much of a problem this was so I concentrated as hard as I possibly could and with a little help well, not a little, a lot of help from mummy I got rid of my disfluency. I want to thank Mummy for always having my back. She would stick little notes on mirrors and everywhere reminding me to get it right. I know getting it right can be frustrating and having someone to remind you of it always got on my nerves but I started to realise they where trying to help me. Miss Roz without you this could not have been possible so I want to thank you and I hope everyone else does as well as I did. I was teased because I could not pronounce many things and I would always stutter but I tried to ignore the teasing. That actually made me try harder. I have my 2 main mottos I live by, If at first you don’t succeed try try again and you have got to enjoy life while you can because you only get to do it once and its not for very long.
It is good to be different because thats what sets us apart from the inside to the outside and no matter how big or how small you are or how different we all are, we all are special. Miss Roz you have been one of the inspirations in my life. I have learned to never give up, keep trying and to be patient. To all of you out there who are going to start with Miss Roz, I hope she inspires you and helps you the way she helped me. THANK YOU SO MUCH MISS ROZ!!!!!!”

Dylan Lewis, 11 years old

“Our child has improved tremendously since beginning therapy with Lexi and we couldn’t be more pleased. He has gone from one word answers to initiating conversation, answering “why” questions and being able to elaborate about many things.
He is able to tell us if something went wrong (or right) in school, what he did that day, if he had fun and who his friends are. He has also become more descriptive and is using adjectives very regularly! He interacts much better with those around him and he even tells jokes which shows an incredible sense of humour.
In a nutshell, Lexi has done a fantastic job with him thus far and he’s always happy to see her, she’s able to engage him and adapt to any situation regardless of his mood and able to still turn her session into a fun and engaging one.
There’s no real dollar value you can place on seeing how much our child has improved and we give Lexi 5 stars!!!!