Chatterbox has a wealth of early childhood educational programmes on offer. Choose from our Giggles & Wiggles (3-12 months) or Playschool (2-5 years). Also, keep an eye on our Workshops page  for all the latest camps and group activities.

Giggles & Wiggles (3-12 months)

Baby Play & Communication Group

The Giggles & Wiggles group, for 3 – 12 months old, is an inclusive group, for littles of any abilities and their big humans (mums, dads, grandparents and caregivers). 

What’s Included:

Groups lead by a Speech and Language Therapist supporting play and communication skills.

  • Communication activities each week for you and baby
  • Play activities each week for your baby’s learning
  • Circle time with a song or story
  • Time for socialisation and questions
  • Connect with other parents and babies over tea
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Early Years Programme (2-5 Years)

What makes our Early Years Programme different from others?

We have a very low teacher:child ratio, so children receive the support they need from our teachers and therapists, who have experience in working with children with a full range of learning challenges. We are also an inclusive Early Years Programme, so all children are welcomed and can also benefit from the low teacher; child ratios and adapted curriculum. We offer a fun, language-enriched environment and cutting edge, research-based learning methodologies, which include Hanen strategies.

Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Play Therapy are integrated throughout to help children to develop their communication, motor and play skills.
Our Early Years Programme Leader, Ms. Jazzmine, with support from Ms. Shanae, is an expert at thinking outside the box and applying creative mediums such as art, music, movement and technology to allow young minds to flourish. Ms. Jazzmine is also a qualified counsellor and can help children with their emotional and developmental needs during all activities.

Children receive multi-disciplinary assessments and we work together as a team to identify individual goals for each child.

Morning sessions are Monday through Friday from 9.00-12.00 p.m.

Our inclusive Early Years Programme follows the Cayman Islands Early Years Curriculum Framework and focuses on using creative and exploratory play to teach language, academic and social skills. We also help children with school readiness skills.
Our Early Years Programme Leader and Teaching Assistant are helped by out team of speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, play therapist and counsellor, to devise a unique learning programme for each child in a supportive, caring and creative environment.

Our Early Years Programme Leader has Hanen Learning Language and Loving It training, which is a programme which uses practical, research-based strategies for:

  • Promoting every child’s language development using natural everyday activities, routines and play
  • Becoming attuned to children’s interests so they can follow their lead, which is known to foster language development
  • Adjusting the way they talk to help children develop more advanced language skills
  • Promoting interaction among the children themselves
  • Facilitating language-learning through pretend play
  • Fostering emergent literacy skills

Children’s speech, language, movement and behavioural goals are integrated into all Early Years Programme activities.

Children may work together or in small groups, for example, circle time, story time, snack time and free play may combine all children working together, whereas when children are working on their individual goals, they may split into different rooms.
Every activity is a chance for a child to learn and practice talking, movement, play and social skills.

Individual therapy sessions with a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist or counsellor are extra and can be arranged on site. Your insurance company may cover part of the cost of the therapy sessions, so you can contact them to find out what coverage you have. All insurance companies have slightly different levels of policies and coverage, but we can help with how to claim for therapy sessions.

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