Educational Services

Chatterbox has a wealth of early childhood educational programmes on offer. Choose from our Playschool (2-5 years), Chattertots Playgroup (1-2 years), social skills groups, tutoring and handwriting programmes. Also, keep an eye on our ‘news’ page for all the latest camps and group activities.

Phone: 949 7065

Playschool (2-5 Years)

What makes our Playschool different from others?

We have a very low teacher:child ratio, so children receive the support they need from our teachers and therapists, who have experience in working with children with a full range of learning challenges. We are also an inclusive Playschool, so typically developing children are welcomed and can also benefit from the low teacher; child ratios and adapted curriculum. We offer a fun, language-enriched environment and cutting edge, research-based learning methodologies, which include Hanen strategies.

Speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and play therapy are integrated throughout to help children to develop their communication, motor and play skills.

Our Playschool Leader, Ms. Helen, with support from Ms. Shanae and Ms. Marshanni, is an expert at thinking outside the box and applying creative mediums such as art, music, movement and technology to allow young minds to flourish. Ms. Helen is also a qualified play therapist and can help children with all of their emotional and developmental needs during all activities.
Children receive multi-disciplinary assessments and we work together as a team to identify individual goals for each child.

Morning sessions are Monday through Friday from 9.00-12.00 p.m. and afternoon sessions from 12.30-3.30 p.m.
Please contact us today to arrange a visit to see the Playschool in action and to pick up an information pack. For more details or to enrol your child, call Roz on 926 1693 or 949 7065.

A word from our Director about Chatterbox Playschool:
“This is something I have been interested in launching throughout my whole career as a Speech and Language Therapist. For many years, I have seen children who need a little extra support and a modified curriculum, which supports their unique skills to build on the areas of learning that are more challenging for them. By having the opportunity to integrate therapy and other specific goals into the learning environment by trained teachers and therapists, a child can be immersed in fun activities which help to facilitate language, cognitive and behaviour skills.”

A word from our previous Teacher about Chatterbox Playschool:
The idea is simple. It’s a school for early childhood education that integrates speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and pivotal response therapy throughout the day. We use the Hanen approach and follow the children’s interests, whilst constantly introducing them to new and interesting opportunities to further those interests and to learn.

The Playschool is exactly what the name says – a place for children to come and learn to play, learn to care for themselves and to talk, socialise, have fun and explore their environment.

We have a great team and one that is constantly working to embrace all teaching styles and therapies that help children to combine learning with fun :)” Lindsay Lopez

Movers & Shakers (2-5 years)

Movers & Shakers (2-5 years)

We are excited to add a music and movement group for children aged 1-2 years old. Children at this age are learning through play, movement, music and generally discovering and exploring the world around them.

Our speech and language therapist, Ms. Harmony, loves music and dance and wants to help your child to develop their play, communication and social skills in a fun and safe environment. You or your helper are encouraged to stay and play for as long as you like.

Movers & Shakers new term starts in March and spaces will be limited so book your spot by calling 949 7065 or email Harmony at