Supporting Autism

For many families, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be an overwhelming word initially and we are here to help families through the process of getting a diagnosis and working out which types of supports are needed from birth through adulthood.

Once diagnosed with autism, the journey can begin for the whole family to learn to manage and support a person with autism spectrum disorder in a positive and proactive way throughout their whole life.

The Chatterbox team have an outstanding background in supporting autism. We have a range of services available, including diagnosis, family support and ensuring multiple agencies work together for the right solutions for your child. We provide speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, a Playschool, tutoring, socials skills groups and clubs for people with autism.

Each person with autism is different and we will discuss with you the best solutions and supports for your family, based on assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

We do not believe in a one size fits all method of providing services, which is why we offer a full range of diagnosis, supports, teaching strategies and therapies.

Come in and have a chat with us, to find out more.