Speech & Language Therapy

What do we help with? 

We see children with:                                          

  • Language delay/disorder
  • Articulation/sound production difficulties
  • Phonology/sound system difficulties
  • Dysfluency (stammering)
  • Phonological awareness (pre-literacy) difficulties
  • Voice problems
  • Learning disabilities/ADHD/ Down Syndrome
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Asperger’s syndrome
  • CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Feeding/swallowing problems

We see adults with:

  • Aphasia (expressive and/or receptive language disorders)
  • Motor speech disorders: Dysarthria and Apraxia
  • Feeding and swallowing difficulties
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Parkinson’s
  • Voice disorders
  • Executive function difficulties
  • Right Hemisphere Disorder
  • Dementia


We will also be offering stroke support groups for individuals who have suffered strokes and/or families.

Stroke is the leading cause of serious, long-term disability in adults and can result in a variety of communication difficulties, which affects the individual and their family. Early rehabilitation is key. Often, individuals and families affected by strokes are left with feelings of uncertainty, frustration and grief. At Chatterbox we aim to offer emotional and educational support to individuals and families affected by stroke.

How we aim to help:

  • We tailor therapy goals that are specific to the individual and their family.
  • We strive to reintegrate the individual back into his home, work and social environment.
  • We provide alternative and augmentative forms of communication.
  • We provide the option of home visits where we can assist with developing communication systems within the home environment.
  • We offer group therapy sessions focusing on conversational therapy and functional communication.

Speech and language therapy_ for adults-2

Individual and/or group therapy sessions are offered, depending on the needs of the individual.

Programmes offered for children include;

  • Hanen – It Takes Two To Talk (for late talkers)
  • Hanen – More Than Words (for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • Hanen – Talkability (for older children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Social Communication Disorder)
  • The Narrative Programme (for children aged 10-18 to develop narrative and storytelling skills).
  • The Vocabulary Enrichment Programme (for children aged 10-18 to develop understanding and use of more complex vocabulary)
  • The Lidcome Programme (for children who stammer).

We can visit homes or schools with our Chatterboxes To Go programme. 
We have a proven track record, click here for some insight into what speech and language therapy involves, what to expect when identifying a problem or please see our ‘testimonials’ page for more info.

Phone: 949 7065