Family Support Practitioner

Our family support practitioner provides a variety of services to children and adults. The family support practitioner’s role is a vital link for people of all ages. They can visit your child at home or school and provide support for the needs of anyone in your family. Family support can provide the following:

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  • An initial assessment to determine what support is needed
  • Co-ordination and liaison between parents, schools and other professionals
  • Support in managing a child or adults social, health and educational needs
  • Advocacy for children and adults with special needs and their families
  • Behavioural management support within the home and/or school
  • Parenting support – emotional and practical
  • Social clubs to promote social inclusion, help build confidence, learn new skills and form friendships
  • Therapeutic groups and/or individual sessions with children and adults
  • To work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, where possible
  • Respite care

As well as family support, our family support practitioner is involved in education and training to raise awareness of children with special needs within safeguarding procedures.

She can also write organisational policy documents relating to safeguarding children and the mandatory reporting of abuse, in accordance with the Children Law (2012 Revision).

(345) 949 7065 or 926 1693