Our Story

When Chatterbox opened in October 2010, as a speech and language therapist, I was only able to provided help for children with speech, language, literacy and other communication disorders, but could see a huge need for children (and adult) services that I either couldn’t provide myself or just didn’t have time to do with a full time caseload.

I saw the need for a small Playschool, where children could play and learn in an inclusive, small group setting with qualified teachers and therapists and was able to find a teacher who shared my dream and we started with just one child, who thrived in our little Playschool.

Soon, our Playschool grew and now we have a morning and afternoon programme for children aged 2 through 5 years.

Our aim in our Playschool is to get children ready for wherever they are going next. They might be planning to attend a mainstream preschool or school or a special school and we can help with all areas of a child’s development.

In our Playschool, we work on language development, motor development, social skills, feeding and toileting. We incorporate arts & crafts, music, movement and lots of fun activities to help children to learn. We are in constant contact with parents and involve them in setting goals, monitoring process and sharing daily successes.

In 2013, we added a social worker to help coordinate services and work with families to help them to navigate the maze of options for their children. She can facilitate meetings with all professionals who might be involved in helping a child and also provide support for families during meetings, as sometimes multi-disciplinary meetings can be overwhelming for parents.

Part of her role is to explain all of the services and supports which are available to children in Cayman and help parents to understand what each family might need for themselves and their children.

At around the same time, we found a fun and knowledgeable occupational therapist to start our occupational therapy department and add to the range of services that we could offer to help both children and adults under one roof. There is no one size fits all approach for therapy and education and we use the most appropriate programme for your needs.

After spending close to 4 years trying to find new premises, which were affordable and able to accommodate children (this is way more difficult than you could imagine!), we moved to Bermuda House in May 2018. We now have space to expand our services even more and have lots of new ideas up our sleeves!

We also now have a receptionist, who can help with general enquiries and also welcomes families into our facility, completes insurance claim forms and generally helps out with all of our administration tasks (which we hate!).

In 2019 we added massage therapy to the services that we offer and our massage therapist offers a variety of healing and calming massages and also runs baby massage classes, where parents learn techniques that they can use on their babies.

We love working as a team to problem solve and help children and adults reach their goals and we pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and open.

Our philosophy is “We’re here to help” and this is at the core of every interaction we have throughout our day.